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How to Save Money on Your Next Pair of Sunglasses

Investing in a good pair of sunglasses is important for protecting your eyes and vision. However, quality sunglasses can come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are several smart strategies you can use to save money on your next pair of shades.

Buy Sustainable Frames

To get the most value for your money, it’s best to choose sunglasses with durable frames that will stand the test of time. Typical wear and tear like dropping them won’t damage them unnecessarily, saving you money on repairs. This allows you to continue using the same pair for years without needing to replace them.

To do this, pay attention to the frame material when shopping. Metal frames are excellent choices if you want resilience. Most are resistant to corrosion and are both lightweight and sturdy.

Beryllium Frames

You can choose Beryllium frames, which are six times stronger than steel. The ultra-light metal makes for comfortable long-term wear while still being nearly indestructible.

Titanium Frames

Alternatively, Titanium frames are strong enough to be used for car parts yet still stylish for sunglasses. The hypoallergenic metal offers corrosion resistance for incredible durability.

Sports Sunglasses

You can also look at the materials used for sports glasses. These shades must withstand projectiles and collisions while protecting against UV rays. Most sports sunglasses are made of anti-shock polycarbonate, like the impact-resistant sunglasses from Hypercraft. These shades are unbreakable and ideal for training, racing, and adventures without fear of damage.

Choosing durable frames ensures your sunglasses will last for years, making them a worthwhile investment.

Invest in Prescription Sunglasses

You can save even more money on eyewear by purchasing sunglasses that serve multiple purposes. This way you avoid needing to buy various types of eye protection.

As vision issues are becoming more prevalent, getting prescription sunglasses can be more cost-effective than constantly buying contacts or replacement lenses. According to Optometry Today, hospital admissions for eye issues have increased 74% in the last twenty years.

Prescription Lenses

Start with prescription sunglasses. Major brands like Ray-Ban offer prescription lenses for nearly all their frames, including popular styles like Aviators and Wayfarers. This makes it easy to get sunglasses that combine style, vision correction, and UV protection in one.

Look for Discounts

Before spending your own cash, check if your vision insurance can help cover sunglasses. For instance, EyeMed insurance in the UK includes prescription sunglasses coverage. See if discounted or free eyewear is already part of your plan.

Discount Insurance

If shopping for new insurance, consider discount plans. While you’ll still pay out-of-pocket for your eyewear purchases, these plans can substantially reduce prices compared to no vision coverage at all. You skip paying for unnecessary eye care benefits and save money on your sunglasses.

Buy During Sales

Sunglasses prices fluctuate based on supply and demand trends. Price comparison site PriceSpy recommends avoiding sunglasses purchases in December, when prices spike from winter travel and holiday demand.

Off-Season Sales

Instead, shop off-season sales for the best discounts. Spring and autumn are ideal sunglasses buying seasons when fewer people are shopping for shades.

Price Alerts

You can also set up price alerts with sites like MoreMoola to track specific sunglasses and get notified when the price drops. This allows you to snag your favorite frames at the optimal discounted cost.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How can I ensure the longevity of my sunglasses?

Choose sunglasses with durable frames like Beryllium or Titanium for resilience.

Are prescription sunglasses cost-effective?

Yes, investing in prescription sunglasses can save money on constant contact lens or replacement lens purchases.

How can I find discounts on sunglasses?

Check if your vision insurance covers sunglasses, explore discount insurance plans, and shop during off-season sales.

Which materials are ideal for sports sunglasses?

Sports sunglasses made of anti-shock polycarbonate, like Hypercraft’s impact-resistant shades, are unbreakable and durable.

When is the best time to buy sunglasses for the most discounts?

Shop during off-season sales in spring and autumn for optimal discounts on sunglasses.


Investing in quality sunglasses is vital for protecting your vision and eyes. However, buying shades doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Use these money-saving tips to find affordable sunglasses and keep more cash in your pockets.


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