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5 Clever Hacks to Save Money When Shopping Online

Online shopping offers convenience and competitive prices, but finding the best deals takes some work. With the rising cost of living, getting more for less is crucial. Use these clever tips and tricks to keep more cash in your wallet when you shop online.

Take Advantage of Discount Codes

Discount codes are the golden tickets of online shopping. They offer savings like percentage discounts, free shipping, and other perks. But how do you find them?

Hunt for Codes Before Checking Out

Search for the store name plus “discount code” or “coupon code.” You’ll often find codes on deal sites like RetailMeNot. Some stores also email codes to subscribers.

Check Social Media

Follow your favorite stores on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Many post special discount codes for followers that you won’t find anywhere else.

Enlist Browser Extensions

Extensions like Honey scout the internet for applicable codes and apply them at checkout automatically. This saves you time hunting so you can get right to shopping.

Go Incognito with a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) changes your device’s location. Localization often impacts what deals you see. Connecting through another country can unlock better offers.

Compare Prices from Different Regions

Look up the item cost using a VPN set to various countries. Purchasing from the region with the lowest price means serious savings.

Access Restricted Deals

Some stores limit specials like flash sales and free shipping to certain locations. A VPN masks your location so you can cash in no matter where you physically are.

Leverage Shopping Carts

Online merchants want you to complete purchases you start. Placing items in your cart then waiting for the retailer to offer discounts is an easy way to save.

Abandon Your Cart

Let items linger in your shopping cart instead of checking out right away. Retailers often reach out with special offers for those abandoned carts.

Create Accounts

Make sure to open user accounts before abandoning carts. Stores can’t contact you with deals if you remain anonymous. Supply your email address so they can tempt you back.

Ask (Nicely) for Discounts

Be bold and request exclusive promo codes directly from customer service. Polite inquiries via live chat often yield the best results.

Time It Right

Aim discount inquiries for slower store times like early mornings and nights. Reps have more flexibility to hand out deals when call volume is light.

Offer Feedback

If your first request strikes out, try again while sharing feedback. Praising products or site features makes reps more likely to hook you up.

Join Email Lists

Give your inbox some exercise by subscribing to store mailing lists. Signing up scores subscribers access to exclusive deals and early sale announcements.

Create Folder Filters

Prevent overwhelming promotional clutter by auto-sorting sales alerts into separate folders. This keeps your inbox organized so you don’t miss big savings opportunities.

Open in Incognito Mode

If sifting through emails becomes too tedious, open promotional messages in an incognito browser tab. Clicking unsubscribe will stop the emails without impacting your subscriber status.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I find discount codes for online shopping?

Search for the store name plus “discount code” or “coupon code,” or follow the store on social media for exclusive codes.

Can a VPN really help me get better deals?

Yes, a VPN can change your device’s location, unlocking region-specific offers and discounts.

Why should I leave items in my shopping cart?

Retailers often offer special discounts to encourage you to complete your purchase.

Is it effective to ask for discounts from customer service?

Yes, polite inquiries via live chat during slower store times can result in exclusive promo codes.

How can joining email lists benefit my online shopping experience?

Subscribing to store mailing lists provides access to exclusive deals and early announcements.

What’s the advantage of opening promotional emails in incognito mode?

Opening promotional emails in incognito mode allows you to unsubscribe without affecting your subscriber status.

Wrap Up

Stretching every dollar is vital in the current economy. Using these hacks takes the stress out of scoring online deals so you can shop confidently. Hunting discount codes, trying VPNs, leveraging carts, asking nicely for promos, and opening email lists make saving simple.

What are your go-to tips for finding the best bargains online? Share your ideas below!


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