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52 Week Money Challenge (Save $5000 + Free Printable)


What is the 52 Week Money Challenge?

The 52-Week Money Challenge is a savings plan designed to help you gradually increase your savings over the course of a year.

You start by saving a small amount in the first week and then increase your savings each subsequent week.

For example, if you start by saving $1 in the first week, you will save $2 in the second week, $3 in the third week, and so on until you reach $52 in the last week of the year.

If you complete the challenge, you will have saved a total of € 52 at the end of the 52 weeks $1,378.

It’s an easy and step-by-step way to build a savings habit and accumulate a good amount of money in a year.

You can save for your dream vacation, for a major purchase or to pay off your debt: there is nothing better than taking on a challenge and having a goal in mind!

52 week money challenge template

To help you with the challenge I have created not one but three free printables so you can determine your own savings goal for this year.

Classic 52 week money challenge

This 52-week money challenge is the classic.

Start with €1 in week 1, €2 in the week up to €3 in week 3, and keep going. At the end of last week, you will have saved a total of $1,378.

A good start for you emergency fund!

$5,000 Money Challenge, 52 Weeks

This 52 week challenge is a great way to save money $5,000 in the next 52 weeks.

It will challenge you to save a different amount each week, and by the end of the year you will have saved $5,000. No complicated tricks, just consistent savings.

top view of clipboard with printable 52 week money challenge

$10,000 52 Week Money Challenge

This is the perfect strategy for those who want to reach a higher goal and reach a five-figure savings goal within a year. This challenge extends the traditional 52-week method to supercharge your savings goals.

Each week you save an increasing amount, starting with a manageable amount, and by the end of the year you will have set aside as much as €10,000.

It’s about dedication, discipline and the satisfaction of seeing your savings skyrocket week after week.




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