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Top 50 websites you need to visit to Make Money Online

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of websites promising easy money? Wondering which ones are actually legit and will put real money in your pocket? Search no further! I’ve done the legwork for you and put together a list the 50 best websites to make money that you can rely on. Start earning today!

Nowadays there are options make money online Are virtually endless.

And actually, this can be a problem in some ways.

How do you even know where to start!?

How do you know which opportunities are legitimate and which are a waste of time? And how do you find the one that will make you the most money?

That’s where I come in.

Below is mine composed by hand, game changing list of the 50 best websites to make money online.

Some you may already know, while others are hidden gems that even the most seasoned online entrepreneurs haven’t discovered yet.

But they are all legitimate ways to get paid!

Whether you want to make extra money with a new one side hustle or to change your lifestyle completely with an online business, I’m sure you’ll find a way to do that to make money on this list.

So let’s get started!

50 Legitimate Online Sites to Make Money

1. Just answer

Just answer is where people go to ask questions and get advice from doctors, lawyers, technology specialists, mechanics and all kinds of other experts.

If you are an expert in a certain topic, you can make money by providing the answers!

To make money online, you need to go through a simple procedure registration procedure that verifies your credentials and skill.

From there you can start answering questions and making money.

The best part? JustAnswer says its experts earn an average of € $2,000-$7,000/month!

2. User interviews

User interviews pays you to give your opinion. You will be required to participate in focus groups, diary studies, interviews and other online research on a variety of interesting topics.

What I like about it is that most of the studies pay between $50-$450 and it usually only takes a few hours to complete.

You can read what happened when I tried it for a month here (hint! I made over $500 – $535to be precise!).

3. Robber

Robber pays you to walk dogs or provide pet sitting for dogs, cats and a variety of other pets!

All you have to do is to register and complete a background check (which costs $25), and you can start searching for available gigs near you!

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is hands down one of my favorite sites to make money online.

Yes, you can get paid for giving your opinion by reviewing online surveys.

But in fact, there are so many more great ways to make money online with Swagbucks – from watching videos to playing games and surfing online.

You can even make money by shopping at over 7,000 online stores through their online shopping portal!

5. Educational

Now that the online learning industry is in the middle of a crisis unprecedented bloomThere has never been a better time to turn your unique knowledge into money by selling online courses.

Educational gives you everything you need to get started.

Their intuitive course builder allows you to create professional courses without any specific coding or design skills.

Then you can sell your course directly through Teachable, and they’ll take care of everything from payment processing to delivery!

6. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services and one of the best websites to make money online if you want to monetize your skills.

All you have to do is to register and post a gig for the service you want to provide – from graphic design, to writing, to digital marketing and more – and buyers will come straight to you!

7. Instacart

Instacart is a food and grocery delivery service where you can getting paid to shop!

All you need is a vehicle, a valid driver’s license and your phone.

To register for Instacart and enter your zip code and you will see a list of orders available in your area.

Choose one, shop for it, deliver and get paid.

It’s so easy!

8. Neighbor

If you have extra space around your home – a spare room, garage, parking lot or even an empty closet – you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars rent per month Neighbour.

Buurt puts you in touch with companies and private individuals in your area who are looking for storage space.

You choose when and how tenants use your space and how much you want to charge for it.

Buurman even offers $1 million in liability insurance in case of damage.

9. Aira

Aira provides visually impaired people with on-demand visual interpretation using the camera on their smartphone.

As an Aira agent you make money by being the one who interprets. You help visually impaired people with everything from navigating their environment, shopping online, to reading their email.

Bonus: You don’t need any special knowledge for it. Aira provides all the training you need.

10. Medium.com

If you’re looking for it launch a blog or get started with freelance writing, Medium is one of the best places to watch.

It is a platform where anyone can publish and share articles with the world without any special technical knowledge or experience.

All you have to do is join the Medium affiliate program (it’s free) and start publishing. When Medium members read your work, you make money!

11. Respondent

Respondent is a bit like user interviews.

By means of to enrolyou can participate in focus groups, which pay everywhere $50 for a short study up to $750 for something more extensive.

Simply log in and view their list of open investigations.

If you see one you like, fill out a short application and if you fit what researchers are looking for, you’ll receive an invitation to participate.

12. 99Designs

99Designs is a platform that connects designers with companies and influencers from around the world looking for things like logos, packaging, marketing materials, website design and more.

As a designer, you get the chance to browse potential projects and pitch clients that catch your eye.

Then, as you build a portfolio, 99Designs will start matching you with the type of clients you want to work with!

13. Flex jobs

Flex jobs is the best job site out there distance work and the perfect place to start your online freelancing career.

The best part is that FlexJobs carefully screens all jobs for scams before listing them. This means that everything you find on their job board is a legitimate opportunity to make money!

FlexJobs comes with a $2.95 fee during the first 14 days. However, you can cancel at any time. So there are actually no disadvantages to trying it out.

14. Dear Mark

Dear Mark pays you to shop in stores and provide feedback about your experience as a mystery shopper.

Simply sign up and you’ll get access to a database of available mystery shopping gigs in your area.

What I like about mystery shopping is that you can not only earn as much as $35 per hourbut you’ll be reimbursed for everything you need to purchase, meaning you can get some great free benefits while you’re at it!

15. Etsy

If you are a DIY genius and love creating unique handmade items, Etsy is a great place to turn your talents into money.

Think of things like handmade jewelry and clothing, works of art, bath and beauty products, digital products and more!

16. TaskRabbit

On TaskRabbityou can earn money by helping people with a variety of tasks and chores.

Think of cleaning, assembling furniture, running errands, making home repairs and much more!

Simply create a profile with the type of tasks you want to do.

From there, customers will contact you if something needs to be done, or you can contact potential customers directly.

17. eBay

It’s as true as it’s ever been – eBay is one of the best places to make money sell things online.

Whether you want to make some quick money by selling unused items around your home or open an online store, eBay is a great place to start.

18. Deluttr

If you have unused electronics and media lying around your home that you want to turn into cash right away, check out Deluttr.

There you can easily select the make, model and condition of your electronic device or scan the barcode of media items.

Decluttr will then immediately make you an offer.

If you agree, send your item with a prepaid shipping label. When they receive it, they pay you immediately!

19. Brand Searches

Another great way to make money is by taking surveys Brand surveys.

No, surveys aren’t as lucrative as focus groups and won’t replace a full-time income, but they are an easy way to make extra money online when you have some free time.

20. eJury

Of eJuryyou can get paid to participate in online mock juries, where lawyers see what you think about a case to find strengths, weaknesses and discover more effective arguments.

You don’t need any special skills or certifications to qualify.

You just need to meet the same requirements for actual jury service in the United States: 18 years old, a citizen of the U.S., and not convicted of a crime.

Great for reselling popular products or launching your own product line, Amazon gives you an unparalleled platform that’s already trusted by millions.

21. Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered where companies, social media influencers, and news sources find the photos they use on the Internet?

They download them from websites like Shutterstock

Upload your photos to Shutterstock and every time someone downloads one, you make money.

The best part is that your work can be downloaded an infinite number of times, making stock photos an incredible potential source of information passive income.

22. Shopify

If you are considering starting an online store, Shopify is the best place to do this.

Shopify makes it so easy to build your custom store, even if you have no technical knowledge.

It starts at $35 per month for a basic plan, but it’s more than worth it if you want to create something that generates revenue.

23. Poshmark

Poshmark tops the list of trusted sites to make money online for people who want to sell fashion items like clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories and more.

Whether you want to clean out your closet or start a profitable online business selling unique finds from thrift stores and garage sales, Poshmark is a great place to get it done.

24. Zorg.com

As the name suggests, Zorg.com is a platform that connects healthcare providers with people who need care.

This means you can get paid to provide care to children, seniors, people with special needs, or even pets.

All you have to do is create a profile and pass a background check, after which you can list your services and apply for jobs immediately.

25. Gigwalk

Gigwalk pays you to perform simple tasks for businesses and brands in your community.

This can mean things like taking photos of stores, verifying that products are on shelves, checking that marketing events are being executed correctly, and more.

Just sign in and you’ll see a map of available gigs near you. Each lasts from a few minutes to a few hours and usually pays in between $3-$100.

26. Turo

If you have a vehicle that you don’t use all the time, you can make a lot of money renting it Turo.

Turo even advertises that people who share their car via the platform average € $1,033 per month!

Turo is completely free to use and you select your own availability and price. Turo even offers $1 million in liability insurance, which covers your vehicle against theft or physical damage.

27. Acorns

Investing is one of the best ways to generate income passive incomebut it can be confusing and intimidating.

Acorns is a great way to start investing for those who don’t know where to start.

It’s so easy. Simply link a credit or debit card to your Acorns account and every time you make a purchase, Acorns will round up the purchase to the nearest dollar and invest the difference!

28. Packing

If you own a vehicle, you can get paid to advertise on it Wrapping.

An ad with 180-degree coverage can earn you more than $200 per month, while an ad with 360-degree coverage can earn you more than $200 per month. $450 per month.

All you have to do is sign up and you will see offers near you.

The advertising does not damage your vehicle and can easily be removed after the campaign.

29. Print

One of the most popular and profitable ways to make money online today is with custom print-on-demand products using platforms such as Print.

With Printify, you create the design, place it on one of their 800+ products, and put them up for sale. They have things like custom t-shirts and mugs, phone cases, notebooks and greeting cards, home decor and more.

When someone buys your product, Printify produces and ships it for you!

30. Amazon

Do you want to make money selling things online? Well, you’ve heard of it Amazon. In the US alone it receives almost 230 million unique visitors per month and invoices for half of total e-commerce sales in the country.

Amazon is great for reselling popular products or launching your own product line

31. Udemy

Udemy is another great place to create and sell online courses. They provide all the resources you need to create your course and start selling, including access to their instructor support team if you have any questions.

Bonus: If you’re having trouble deciding which course to create or determining which one might be the most profitable, use their Marketplace Insights tool to research hard data on various potential topics.

32. After-school care

Of School careyou can give people customized lessons in real time on just about anything you want – from academic subjects like math or English to things like cooking, singing, yoga and more!

Simply create the class you want to teach, determine the price and how many students can take each class, then list it for free on Outschool!

You can make it right $10,000 per month use of this website.

33. DoorDash

DoorDash is another great place to get paid for delivering orders from grocery stores and restaurants.

Just to register and pass a (free) background check, after which you can see available orders near you and start making money!

The great thing about DoorDash is that you don’t need a vehicle to make money: you can deliver stuff on a scooter or bike, or you can even walk!

34. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the best free sites to make money online for people looking for something simple that they can start right away. There you complete micro tasks: small pieces of work in different categories, things like processing images and videos, conducting research, processing data, and more.

These tasks can usually be completed in a few minutes to a few hours and will net you anywhere from a few dollars to $100 or more!

35. Workup

At work is often grouped together with Fiverr as a marketplace for freelance services, and you can indeed post an ad for your services in Upwork’s projects catalog and have clients come to you.

However, you can also make money by finding available jobs on their marketplace and pitching directly to clients.

Moreover, as you complete projects, you can apply for Upwork’s Fast lane program, which puts you in direct contact with premium customers.

36. User testing

Web developers need people to test the websites they create to make sure everything runs smoothly before opening them to the public.

Of User testing you can get paid to run these tests and provide your feedback to developers.

The best part is that you don’t need any special knowledge to test websites. In fact, the whole point is the average person’s navigation experience.

37. Book corner

If you have experience teaching children, Boekhoek can be one of the best websites to make money online.

There you teach children between kindergarten and group 8 in various academic subjects.

The best thing about BookNook is that there is no preparation or lesson planning required.

BookNook’s learning platform gives you everything you need to start teaching and making money online right away!

38. Fat llama

Of Fat llamayou can earn a passive income by renting out things you have in your home but don’t use every day – think things like cameras and photography equipment, musical instruments and DJ equipment, drones, sewing machines and even vehicles.

Fat Llama says renters earn an average of $50 extra per week, while top lenders can earn up to $3,000 per month!


If you want to clean out your closet and get paid for it, thredUP is one of the simplest money making websites.

Here’s how it works: thredUP sends you a cleaning kit that you fill with your old clothes, shoes, handbags or other fashion accessories.

Send it back to them with free shipping, and they will decide what to sell. You can then ship the items or make a prepayment.

40. Swappa

Exchange is a lot like eBay or Amazon, but is specifically tailored to electronics and technology.

It is one of the best websites to make money online by selling things like smartphones, computers, tablets, video games and consoles, home technology, drones and more.

The best part is that when you make a sale, you only pay 3% commission to the platform. By comparison, eBay receives 13.25% of most sales.

41. Clicker

Clicker offers an endless number of micro-tasks in categories such as writing, research and data processing, as well as interesting categories such as AI training, voice recording and photo competitions.

In fact, Clickworker advertises that they currently have over 1 million microtasks available to complete!

While most microtasks are available to everyone, the more work you complete with high quality, the more and better-paying microtasks you’ll have access to.

42. ProBlogger

It is for freelance writers ProBlogger is the place to be. Not just their incredible job board contain tons of freelance writing opportunities, but what really makes ProBlogger special is the plethora of tools that help writers create content, find work, and make more money!

Best of all, everything is completely free to use!

43. Remote.co

Just like FlexJobs, Remotecontrol.co is a job site for remote jobs in a variety of different categories from all over the world.

But actually it is more than that.

Remote.co is an entire community dedicated to promoting remote work. Not only do they have a job board, but they also have tons of resources for companies and remote workers, including expert advice and insights, community forums, and even training.

And it’s all completely free to use!

44. Transcribe me

Transcribe me pays you to listen to audio files or video recordings and then type what is said into a document.

It really is that simple!

All you have to do is pass a basic English exam, and you can immediately start transcribing short 2- to 4-minute excerpts.

45. Cut the cake

If you like music, fashion and pop culture, check it out Slicethepy. On this website you can get paid to provide feedback on new ongs, fashion items, commercials and more before they are released to the public.

In other words, you get the chance to influence record labels, designers and brands as they create trends!

All you have to do is sign up and you can start reviewing right away.

46. ​​Firecracker

You really can’t ignore it – one of the most popular And lucrative One way to make money online now is by selling photos of your feet.

If you want to jump on the trend, take a look Footcracker. It is the largest and safest community that sells foot content in different categories.

And understand this: a lot of people on FeetFinder earn more than 1,000 per monthwhile some even make six figures every year!

47. Translate.com

If you are fluent in more than one language, you can make good money doing it Translate.com by translating everything from blogs to reports, to social media posts, to websites and even entire books.

Sign up and pass a translation test, after which you can start working on projects.

These range from short projects, which take a few minutes and cost a few dollars, to longer projects that can cost up to 100 euros $400 – $500 each!

48. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is another place where you can take online surveys for money, but with a twist: you can make money by taking surveys that only take ten seconds and by answering just one question!

All you have to do is download the app to your phone and fill in some basic details, and every now and then a notification will appear with a short survey.

49. Speak up

Pronounce is a platform that converts your texts into audio. This is a great way to produce more content for a podcast or Youtube Channel. More marketing materials, audiobooks or business videos, quickly and easily.

So, it will help you create more content, which in turn will help you make more money online.

The best part is that Speechify allows you to choose spoken text in different languages, accents and styles.

In fact, they have over 100 AI voice actors, including AI Snoop Dogg and AI Gwyneth Paltrow. Serious!

50. CaféPress

CafePress is one of the best websites to make money online from home by selling custom print-on-demand merchandise.

There you choose from two different ways to earn money.

First, you can create a CafePress store and sell products there, earning whatever profit you choose over production and shipping costs.

Or you can let CafePress sell your products for you on their marketplace, where you earn 5%-10% of the sales price.

Which website pays you the most?

All of the options below are legitimate websites to make money online. But which ones pay you the most? Well, that depends on how you look at it.

Option 1: the quick cash route

If you are looking for something that will start pay you today. look at platforms like User interviews, Respondent, Clickworker, TranscribeMe, Slicethepie, UserTesting, and so on. They are simple and super easy to use. Will you become a millionaire overnight? No! But you will have some money soon, and there is nothing wrong with a quick financial gain.

Option 2: The long game

If you have a vision for that build your business. Platforms like Shopify for your custom products or Teachable for digital courses can be the path to financial freedom and truly change your life.

Option 3: the passive income way

With platforms like Neighbor for renting out your unused space, Acorns for easy investing, and Shutterstock for selling stock photos, you can start working ahead of time and reap the benefits while living your best life.

It’s up to you to decide which way of making money works best for you!

Ready to start making money?

With online businesses and remote work growing every day, there has never been a better time to make money online.

Just choose your favorite website from this list and get started!

And if there are any other secret websites to make money online that you think I missed, let me know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What are the quickest ways to make money online today?

Platforms like User interviews, Respondent, Clickworker, and TranscribeMe offer quick and easy opportunities.

Can I start an online store without technical knowledge?

Yes, platforms like Shopify make it easy to build a custom online store without technical expertise.

How can I earn passive income online?

Explore options like Neighbor for renting unused space, Acorns for investing, and Shutterstock for selling stock photos.

What are the best websites for freelance writers?

ProBlogger and Remote.co offer numerous opportunities for freelance writers.

How can I make money through online surveys?

Websites like UserTesting, Respondent, and Google Opinion Rewards offer paid surveys.

Is selling print-on-demand products profitable?

Platforms like Printify and CafePress allow you to sell custom products and earn a profit.



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